Wednesday, 15 August 2018

The Grande Armee invades Russia.

 I have now painted enough little men to get a game of Commands and Colors Napoleonics.
 French at the top of the picture face the Russians. I have acquired the Marshals, Generals and Tacticians expansion for the game. I am giving them a try out today.
 This is a made up scenario, the town is worth a victory banner for whoever controls the majority of the town. The winner needs seven banners. 
 French Dragoons.
 French artillery, they have had their bearskin hats swopped with some Esci shakoes.
 HaT infantry under the watchful eye of the top brass.
 Russian infantry.

 The Russian generals are paint conversions of the Italeri French set.
 Zvezda Russian Cuirassiers.
 More Russians.
 The French Line.

 First move sees the French form a Grand Battery on the hill.
 Using a Grand Manoeuvre card the Russians take the town.

 The French also make a bold move and capture the ridge on their left flank.
 A view from the French lines.
 The Russians attack the French on the ridge and take one end of it, killing a general in the process.
 The Russian light infantry defend the town.
 Another view.
 The French throw troops against the town but take heavy casualties.
 The Russians play the Bayonet Charge card and storm out of the town at the weakened French infantry.
 They also attack at the other end of the field to destroy another weakened French formation.
 At the town the bayonet charge goes in ...
 And the French are routed.
Six victory banners to the Russians. Almost there.
 The French right wing has almost ceased to exist.
 The French in desperation hurl their Dragoons against the Russian Cuirassiers and send some infantry to drive the Russian musketeers from the ridge.
 The Russians take casualties and fall back, but fight back and destroy the French Dragoons to get victory banner number seven. 
Don't mess with these bad boys!.

A grand battle, hopefully many more to follow. The new cards play well and I was able to use the Tactician cards without difficulty. I did remove First Strike and Short Supply from the deck though.

French light infantry and cossacks are next in the paint queue and will add much to the game I reckon.


  1. Looks good, I'd say a very successful venture.

    1. Thanks Ross, I have thoroughly enjoyed this small to medium sized painting project. It has been a long while since I painted much of anything.

  2. A lot of work that has bought a great result.

  3. Lovely looking game, Paul. Although I sold off my smallish Russian contingent, I always liked their history and uniforms.